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Mastering Basic Writing Skills

Mastering Basic Writing Skills

Do you struggle with punctuation or grapple with grammar?

Learn the art of powerful writing skills in your own time and at your own pace.

GAPS On-line offers a series of self-paced interactive on-line courses designed to teach the fundamentals of writing in a fun, easy and engaging manner.

The four learning modules demonstrate the writing process in its purest form by exploring the mechanics of basic writing techniques.

The simple explanations and practical examples showcase the rules underpinning powerful written communication techniques.

The courses are ideal for students embarking on their literacy journey or adults keen to refresh the basics to improve their writing skills.

Bronze: Introductory level
Basic sentence structure
AU $49.95

Silver: Intermediate level
Perfecting Pronouns
Taking the tension out of tenses
Regulating verbs
Putting punctuation in its place
AU $49.95

Gold: Advanced level
Perfecting tenses
Sentence structure
The comma
Picky pronouns
AU $99.95

Platinum: Master level
Effective Business Writing techniques
Commonly-confused and misused words
Unusual spelling rules
Editing and proof reading
AU $99.95

To enrol, simply send us an enquiry through the form below and we will contact you to provide you access to the course. Accepted payment methods are Paypal and EFT.

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