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Business Writing Training Packages
Business Writing for Sales staff
Persuasive business writing skills

Persuasive business writing skills

Business Writing Skills Training

Sales & marketing staff

Learn powerful and persuasive language to showcase new products and services to new and existing clients.

Our sales writing training courses introduce sales and marketing staff to the power of persuasive language techniques during the half-day and full-day business writing workshops.

Participants learn to create, structure and write powerful promotional material such as:

Business prospectus
Annual reports
Tenders & proposals
Website & newsletters
Brochures & flyers

The highly-interactive workshops are run in-house to ensure all sales and marketing staff adhere to the specific writing protocols of their respective workplaces.

Course overview

Prior to the training, the facilitator reviews and edits existing business documents and templates unique to the specific client to incorporate into the both the tailor-made training manual and workshop.

Participants are introduced to the theoretical fundamentals of contemporary business writing protocols during the first module.

The facilitator then leads discussions on key messages relevant to the specific client’s organisation or business likely to engage their targeted audience.

Training modules for sales and marketing staff primarily focus on structuring and writing reports, promotional material and other relevant business documents with a concentrated emphasis on persuasive language writing techniques.

The trainer provides a de-brief report summarising key findings and recommendations arising from their professional observations during the training session.

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