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Email etiquette: do's and dont's of sending business emails

Email etiquette: do’s and dont’s of sending business emails

Email etiquette

Rules governing how to write effective business emails

Email etiquette

The rules governing correct protocols for business email writing continually change in line with expectations and exasperation in the contemporary workplace.

Much of the advice focuses on what to say (and what NOT to say) when composing the email itself but little graft is given to the etiquette about when to send the email and who to send it to and all the iffy scenarios in between.

Again, little mishaps or errors of judgement on your part can play a major role in whether the recipient reacts negatively or responds positively to your email communication.

Use clear and concise language
Keep it short and sweet
Confirm receiving email and reply within 24 hours
Retain message thread for background (REPLY)
Add signature and liability disclaimers
Develop an in-house email policy

Use CAPITAL letters, acronyms and emoticons
Write angry or use sarcasm
Request delivery and read receipts
Use offensive, racist, sexist or obscene remarks
Forward virus hoaxes and chain letters
Reply to spam
Discuss confidential information

CC, BCC and Reply All rules
Avoid typing all addresses in “To” field
Use CC if appropriate to share addresses
Make clear who needs to respond/ take action
Use BCC to maintain client confidentiality
Consider using MailMerge instead
Limit Reply All unless all need to see response

Request permission to send attachment
Avoid sending large attachments
Only send relevant attachments
Send compressed files
Advise reader about attachment content
Ensure anti-virus in place

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